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Image by Jeremy Thomas

HerHackathon 2023
Beiersdorf Challenge

HerHackathon connected 200+ women from 40 nationalities in Mannheim to tackle impactful and gender-inclusive challenges. We were fortunate to take on an incredible challenge by Beiersdorf: helping women harness the power of their cycle through skincare, education, and community.

Meet The Constellations

Andra Fecioru
Bianca Botezatu
✨ Chelsea Roden 
✨ Lisbet Lorenzo
Erda Ymeri

Branding Research

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 20.58.53.png

As Beiersdorf uses primarily blue, we ran with it!

  • All colors, including the oranges, are pulled from actual Beiersdorf products.

  • We also sourced a font that matches the NIVEA logotype for use throughout the experience.

Going with a space theme (inspired by our team name) also allowed us to create a dynamically blue-themed space that is gender-neutral and inclusive, but without sacrificing the intimate atmosphere. 

Watch the Demo

User Journey

To capture the sense of the efficient, personalized, and educational aspects of the store, we focused on presenting these key moments:

  • 👋🏼 Entering the Store

  • ✅ Syncing Your Data

  • 👀 Browsing Store & Products

  • 🤩 Personalized Recs

  • 🍏 Gamified Education

  • 🌎 Community Feature

Product Design

This prototype was built and presented live from Figma! 

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